Corona Interview Series #4: Sabine De Schutter

The fourth instalment of our Corona Interview Series takes us a little closer to home. Just a couple of minutes walk from warmwhite’s HQ in Berlin lies Studio De Schutter, a lighting design studio which is quickly proving to be one of the industry’s most innovative forces in office, hospitality and exhibition lighting.

Although the studio’s founder, Studio De Schutter, needs perhaps little by the way of introduction; for those of you unfamiliar with Sabine’s award winning work, check out her website here

Aside from running her own studio, Sabine also finds the time to coach students and professionals in the art of human centric solutions at the HPI, whilst serving as both Educator Member of the IALD (International Association of Lighting Design) and ambassador for Women in Lighting for Germany.

Sabine took a couple of minutes out of her schedule to share some of her experiences of working through the Corona pandemic.

Sabine, how has day to day life in the studio been affected by Corona?

“Like most organisations, there’s been an immediate effect on how we work as a team. We normally work very collaboratively and hands-on in our studio, so as you can imagine, carrying this on via remote work has been very challenging.

“Since we are all working from home, we have been adjusting to a new routine within the team. It is important to maintain team-time and not just focus on the work at hand.

“The amount of travel has significantly been reduced. There has been almost no week in the past few years where I haven’t had to travel through Germany or Europe. We have projects running in 5 different countries, so as you can imagine, we hope that ordinary life resumes as soon as possible.

“The current situation has definitely pushed online collaboration. We have had great meetings with collaborators and architects over the past weeks. I hope that after the lockdown we can continue seeing the value in online collaboration and like this reduce travel time and emissions.

“Ultimately, however, it’s difficult to gauge how serious the situation is for us in the long term because we don’t know how this whole crisis will evolve.

“However, as designers, I believe that we will continue to add value and shape spaces that positively impact peoples lives.

Sabine and the team, we wish you all the best during this difficult time. Thanks and stay healthy!


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