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We live in strange times. In the space of a few short weeks, the negative repercussions of Corona have been felt on both a personal and professional scale. The lighting industry is no exception. The coming months will demand that we show solidarity to see us through the crisis. 

With the global economy on pause, it’s perhaps more obvious than ever that the people, not the products, are the single most important element of the lighting industry. 

As a result, warmwhite wants to hear about how you, the industry, are coping in this time of crisis. 

We want you to take part in our Corona interview series. We ask you for just five minutes of your time to answer a few questions about how you are dealing with the current situation. The interviews will be published every day on the warmwhite website. 

The aim of the series is to understand how the industry is coping on an international basis. Hopefully, this can be a means to keep our community connected, informed and strong.

Anybody from the lighting industry is welcome to contribute! Please send your answers and a photo of yourself to patrick@warm-white.com

Interview Questions

The current Covid-19 crisis 

For those of you working in or running independent design studios and consultancies, we want to know how you’ve been affected. 

How critical do you assess the situation of your company? 

How has the current crisis affected workload? 

Are you able to take advantage of any governmental aid?

How long do you expect the crisis to last?

Those of you working for manufacturers, what is the situation? How critical is the situation for the survival of your company? What kind of governmental aid has been offered?

Life after Corona

With entire countries under lockdown, and an increase in the prevalence of online meetings, will we see a permanent shift in our attitude towards business travel? 

With most manufactures opting to present products online after the cancellation of Light + Building, will there still be a place for trade shows in the post corona future? 

We’ve seen a decrease in emissions by as much as 25% in some areas in the last few weeks – a positive side effect of the crisis. How can the lighting industry contribute to a permanent reduction in emissions in the future?

Do you have anything else to add?

We wish you all the best during this difficult time. Stay healthy, take care of yourself and your loved ones. I hope to see you soon!

Patrick McCumiskey

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