warmwhite’s guide to Frankfurt: top 5 things to see and do

If you’re attending Light + Building this year, chances are you won’t have so much time to discover Frankfurt itself. If you happen to have a free afternoon or evening, look no further. We’ve lined up the perfect bite-sized evening schedule for you with warmwhite’s guide to Frankfurt: top 5 things to see and do.

Take it from us: Behind Berlin, Frankfurt is easily the most interesting city in Germany. Don’t be put off by the Canary Wharf style financial centre. In reality, Frankfurt offers a vibrant mix of the arts, live music, museums, bars, restaurants and clubs – in addition to plenty of interesting architectural delights.

Without further ado, here’s warmwhite’s guide to Frankfurt: top 5 things to see and do. Have fun!

1: Städel Museum

The first stop on our list is the Städel Museum, which is open until either 7pm or 9pm, depending on the day. So theoretically, you could head down to the museum after the show. And you really should do, because the Städel Museum is one of the most important art galleries in Germany. The museum exhibits some of the most famous European paintings from the early 14th century onwards from the likes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

Also worth noting is the museum’s magnificent architecture. Recently, Licht Kunst Licht and Schneider+Schumacher architects complemented a new 3000sq metre extension of the museum. The undoubted highlight are the 135 circular apertures, which serve to regulate the flow of natural light into the museum through the garden.

A careful and ever changing balance of natural and artificial lighting make this subterranean space a welcome refuge from the chaos of Light + Building.

More projects from Licht Kunst Licht can be found here


2: Walk along Museumsufer

Eiserner Steg

After indulging your artistic side, you’ll be ready for a nice walk along the Museumsufer. The Museumsufer is a promenade which hosts numerous museums, including the German Film Museum and the Jewish Museum.

Frankfurt’s skyline

Walk alongside the river Main for a few hundred metres until you reach the Eiserner Steg, Frankfurt’s most famous (and picturesque) bridge.

James Turrel’s ‘Crater Dusk’ installation at the Sky Lobby of the DZ Bank Kunstsammlung

From the bridge itself, you’ll be treated to impressive views of the Frankfurt skyline, with big city feeling included. One of the buildings in particular – the Sky Lobby of the DZ Bank Kunstsammlung – is worthy of a special mention for its James Turrell skyline installation. From the 12-15 March, you can visit the installation, entitled ‘Crater Dusk’, as part of Frankfurt’s Luminale lighting festival.

3: Drinks in Bahnhofsviertel

Fancy a Drink? After all that walking, you’ll have no doubt worked up a thirst. Make your way to the Plank Café-Bar-Studio in Frankfurt’s infamous Bahnhofsviertel, and you won’t be disappointed.

Plank Café-Bar-Studio

You might even recognise the bar from its cameo appearance in the 2019 Netflix series Skylines. Perched on the corner of Elbestraße and Münchener Straße, Plank has a relaxed atmosphere, excellent drinks, and local vibes.

Yok Yok City Kiosk

If you want the full Frankfurt experience, head to the neighbouring Yok Yok City Kiosk for that infamous Frankfurt speciality, an Äppelwoi (Apple wine). As you’ll see, people drink, smoke, congregate and socialise in the kiosk itself. It’s absolutely mental, but we love it. When in Rome…

4: Pak Choi restaurant

Hungry? Luckily for you, Frankfurt’s best Chinese restaurant is literally over the road: Pak Choi.

The Pak Choi restaurant specialises in northern Chinese cuisine. The food is traditional, and the vibe is totally authentic, as can be seen by the healthy mix of Chinese and German guests.

Just don’t expect much by the way of interior design.


5: Euro-Skulptur and Junior-Haus

After enjoying your delicious meal, we’ve got a couple of architectural delights for you. Although our ultimate goal is the Junior-Haus, an obligatory stop at the Euro-Skulptur will satisfy your selfie needs.

Ottmar Hörl’s 1999 Euro-Skulptur on Willy-Brandt-Platz was created to coincide with the introduction of the Euro currency in 2000. At 14-metres tall, it weighs in at an impressive 50 tonnes.

In 2015, a major technical update took place when the sculpture’s light-emitting elements were replaced by LED. Which means that your selfies will be full of flickering light.

Walk a little further into the direction of the old town, and you’ll find the majestic Junior-Haus. Completed in 1951, the building is quite possibly one of the most striking architectural documents of Wirtschaftswunder Germany.

The nine-story building is almost 35 meters high. With its round, glass staircase, which is symmetrically accompanied by office wings on the left and right, and Mercedes star in the middle, it’s an architectural show stopper. What’s more, the rounded warm white illumination which follows the glass staircase is simply stunning.

6: The Tiny Cup and Alte Oper

The more observant readers among you will notice that this is actually the 6th top tip. So consider this a bonus. If you still can’t face heading back to your cripplingly expensive and laughably small hotel room, the tiny cup is an extraordinary place for a nightcap of equally tiny proportions.

Only 16 people can fit into the Tiny Cup. The manageable size is not the only unique selling point of The Tiny Cup. Despite a floor space of 4.5 x 3.8 meters, the bar looks relatively airy thanks to its grand interior design. What’s more, the bar menu reads like a mixological fairy tale book: You can find creations like “Armando Alicante” (consisting of Blanco Tequila, Carrot, White Chocolate). In short: a perfect last stop on the FFM express.

Finally, be sure to walk back through the Altstadt with a quick stop off at the Alte Oper, a beautiful 19th century opera house in classical architectural design.

That’s Frankfurt in a nutshell! We hope you enjoyed warmwhite’s guide to Frankfurt: top 5 things to see and do. Have fun! And remember, alles außer Frankfurt ist scheisse, apparently. W

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