Welcome to warmwhite

Welcome to warmwhite, a new independent platform providing vision, perspectives and opinion on current topics and themes in architectural and decorative lighting design.

The lighting community, as we like to call ourselves, is full of talented individuals and genuinely progressive companies. Sometimes, however, there’s a tendency to be a little too inward looking.

I, for one, firmly believe in the art of context. In placing lighting design – specifically architectural lighting design – within the context of periphery disciplines such as art, speculative design, theatre, and technology, we can profit immensely in our own work and approach as designers. As a result, with warmwhite, we hope to create a truly multi-disciplinary platform for the lighting design industry and its associated fields.

Thank you to all the designers, studios and manufacturers who’ve supported us so far. As we find our feet and continue to develop the platform, we ask you to support warmwhite by liking, commenting and sharing anything which you may find relevant. And while you’re at it, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter here. And follow us on instagram @warm__white

warmwhite is open to everyone. If you have any ideas for an article or feature, please do not hesitate to contact us. Write to patrick@warm-white.com.

Until then, stay bright ⚡️

Patrick McCumiskey

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